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Buy A Hydrogen Descaling Kit For
Gasoline Or Diesel Engine And Become Professional

The purchase of this hydrogen injection engine descaling kit will allow you to create and develop a profitable business in your region.
Become independent in engine descaling by joining a network recognized in the automotive sector.
You work in total independence with your clients, individuals or professionals, without any constraint. You manage your planning, your interventions and your communication on social networks yourself.
Becoming an engine descaling professional allows you to quickly develop a lucrative activity by offering quality, efficient and reliable services.
Carrying out engine descaling and car diagnostics can be a main activity (auto entrepreneur for example) or secondary, for example to develop a new activity within an automobile mechanic garage, and maritime.
Since 2008, Engine-Cleaning has had its own hydrogen descaling technologies developed and manufactured for professionals in the automotive and nautical sectors.
Places are to be taken
Network professionals, garages, nautical sector, independent operators, vehicle fleet manager (taxi, vSL ...), are trained in the use of our descaling technologies, in the technique as well as in automotive diagnostics in order to offer the the most efficient engine processing on the market, associated with an auto diag tool,
Join a recognized network of engine descaling professionals
, In order to offer ever more efficient services to your private and professional customers, we offer you a universal kit to treat engines up to 12 liters of displacement. Integrate a team of engine diagnostics and descaling specialists, always at your disposal in order to avoid errors of assessment.
How to develop engine descaling
hydrogen in your region Whatever region you are in, you can develop an expanding hydrogen injection engine cleaning business.
In addition to private owners of diesel or gasoline vehicles, you can intervene for all automotive professionals: vehicle sellers, car dealerships, aesthetic preparers and automotive professionals, garage manager, vehicle fleet manager: Sanitary Vehicle Léger (VSL), Tourist Vehicle with Driver (VTC), Taxi, Ambulances, cleaning and sanitation vehicles, public transport various types of coach, school bus, etc.), road transport company, service offered within a harbor master's office for the maintenance of boats, sailboats, pleasure boaters, luxury yachts.
To develop a descaling activity in your region, you will set up the communication tools adapted to your catchment area and your bugdet: facebook campaigns, google ads, local advertisements to individuals and professionals and you will develop your network of customers to your pace and according to your turnover objectives.
What is the price of a kit?
Depending on your needs and target customers, at Engine-Cleaning a single kit is sufficient for all operations up to 12 liters of displacement, with tailor-made training.
The purchase of a descaling kit and additional equipment, Diag device, to set up as an engine descaling professional will pay off after a few weeks, depending on your catchment area and your communication and marketing strategy.

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