Décalamineur et Décalaminage moteur

Kit Engine descaler,

Cleaner Engine, Performs engine descaling in static or rolling condition.
The use of Hydrogen & Oxygène is no more dangerous than the use of gasoline.

The Strengths of our engine descaling technologies:

  • Efficiency without dismantling parts!
  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance such as hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without disassembly.

No dangerous HHO machine to use:
  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance like hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without dismantling.
  • A disposable type cartridge performs approximately several 50-minute interventions in workshop mode or in rolling mode.

Questions sur le Décalaminage Moteur:

Will This Equipment Work On All Vehicles?

Our system is designed to work with any type of vehicle.
You must make sure that:
• You have chosen the suitable diffuser combination to be inserted into the air intake hose before the filter housing.
• The Multi-gas treatment is installed without any leakage.
• Adjust the flow rate setting.
Does Multi-Gas Treatment Work With Diesel, Gasoline, LPG Engines?
Yes, and often much better! diesel vehicles usually enjoy the best progress in terms of economy due to the fact that they are equipped with fewer sensors and there is much less computer conflict to deal with.

Will This Improve My Fuel Economy?
There is a lot of evidence that this technology works.
Independent researchers report reduced emissions after treatment.
The individual results will depend on the quality of the intervention to be observed in the phases provided for during treatment in our manual.
Are Installation Instructions Included?
All of our equipment comes with very detailed instructions which are part of the purchase. Upon delivery, you will receive a download link for the latest version of the manual. Our manuals provide basic, easy-to-understand instructions for installation and maintenance as well as more detailed technical information for those who want a more in-depth understanding.

Can Multi-Gas Treatment Damage My Vehicle Engine?
It is not possible. The Multi-gas has been studied for a diesel or gasoline engine, increasing the combustion temperature and keeping the air / Hydroplus / fuel more explosive, resulting in burning the carbon deposited in the engine to transform it into water vapor.
Hydroplus technology treats all engines and works on:

  • Admission
  • Valves
  • Cylinder head
  • Pistons
  • Exhaust
  • EGR valve
  • (FAP) Particle filter with manufacturer regeneration.
  • Catalyst

Benefits are as follows:
· Compatibility with petrol, diesel, vegetable oil, LPG, BIO-ethanol engines.
· No engine modification.
· Disposable cartridge gas storage is legal.
· Equipment with minimum bulk.
· Elimination of unburnt hydrocarbons (Calamine).
· Increase in thermodynamic combustion efficiency.
· Enrichment technique for descaling heat engines controlled by analog oxygen sensor (monitoring); EGR valve ; particle filter (FAP); Catalyst.
Application of the original process by Cleaner Engine

Where Is The Recommended Place To Perform A Treatment?
A Cleaner Engine treatment intervention can be carried out statically in a room or in vehicle driving mode.

The strong points:

  • Efficiency without dismantling parts!
  • No heavy and dangerous maintenance like hho machines.
  • No electrical connection.
  • Treatment by the air filter without dismantling.

Vidéo Décalaminage moteur

Engine descaling treatment, in 20 minutes, at a flow rate of 2L,
110Bars / 1kg disposable cartridge

Standard Equipment:

Decalaminage Moteur

A complementary service to your activity as an automotive operator, engine descaling is currently essential, before any dismantling, it is preferable to carry out an Engine-Cleaning treatment which brings you 100% results for the proper functioning of the Diesel or Gasoline engine. .

Flow-Liter And Pressure Gauge

This flow-liter dispenser allows you to carry out the treatment on all types of petrol or diesel engines up to 12L displacement, by following the table supplied with the kit.

Sigle homologation hydrogène

Sigle Norme Hydrogène

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