En utilisant des machines de type Drycell, lorsque le module chauffe il envoi vers le moteur une solution de vapeur chargée d’hydroxyde de potassium qui vas sous 3 semaines noircir toutes les pièces en aluminium par une oxydation irréversibles!

Carbon Cleaner, Warning On Too High Flow Rate:

carbone cleaner diesel ou essence

HHO Machine Warning.

The collateral damage of the engine, valve, valve seat, piston head, bleeding cuts fire, can not be reversible by the use of machine whose flow is too high causing a shot of up to 3300 degrees, lesions caused do not are more repairable with the risk of piercing a piston head by accelerations provided during the treatment.
By using Drycell type machines, when the module heats up, it sends to the motor a solution of steam loaded with potassium hydroxide which goes under 3 weeks to blacken all the aluminum parts by an irreversible oxidation!

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