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TurboFullPower Eco3000 is simple to install on a diesel, gasoline, ethanol engine or on an oil-fired boiler. Eco3000 reduces your consumption by 7% to 15% while reducing your CO2 and pollution emissions. Eco3000 is a magnetic element to be installed in a few minutes on the supply hose, on vehicles or diesel boilers.
Eco3000 is a ring that produces a strong magnetic field that changes the orientation of the fuel molecules to make it more homogeneous and more fluid. As a result, the air/fuel mixture would be optimal and would then allow complete combustion of the fuel.; hence the drop in consumption, but also a reduction in polluting emissions and an increase in power. And all this for a low investment!
Already customer feedback with the results on trucks, buses in general 7% to 15% savings depending on the engine, driving, and route.

Eco3000 is made with samarium-cobalt magnet grade which is a type of permanent magnets made from an alloy of samarium and cobalt. Samarium-cobalt alloys are among the major classes of materials for permanent magnets.

Visible results after installing Eco3000 TurboFullPower:
  • Regular and stable engine idle.
  • Improved engine dynamics on accelerations.
  • No more smoke from the exhaust.
  • Intervenes on the cleanliness of the EGR valve and particle filters.

Harvester, Harvester
Beet harvester
Vegetable harvesting equipment
Construction equipment
minus 7% Renault 300 hp truck
less 7% Mercedes truck 370 hp
less than 9 liters per hour on a forage harvester, harvester,
less than 7.7 liters / hJohn Deere 8R280
Filter density: 30 microns (900 ltrs/h fuel flow with less than 1 PSI pressure drop. )
CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum construction.
With heat resistant O-ring for positive sealing in high pressure applications
YEAR. Size (at both ends): AN6 to AN6 (delivered)
Filter to blow every 30000km.
A 100% European product.
Eco3000 TurboFullPower kit: delivered complete, ready to fit and instructions for use.
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