Professional equipment for automotive intervention, decalamination engine, automatic gearbox drain G7G8, cleaning particulate filter, anti-car-jacking,

Did you think your vehicle was in good shape?

Avoid the Inconvenience of Vehicle Theft
Without ever finding it!...

The VolBloc alarm to avoid the worst-case scenario:
You are not reimbursed. Indeed, some contracts do not cover car-jacking, home-jacking or foam-jacking and the absence of any trace of break-in means refusal of compensation. In the best case, you will still have to bear the cost of the deductible and the financial loss, with the risk of seeing your insurer terminate your contract following the theft (risk all the greater if you have recently declared a previous sinister).

VolBloc  is the only automotive safety technology that installs in minutes. The Hi-Tech nature of the activity makes it possible to preserve the confidentiality necessary for total efficiency, and super simple assembly. All stolen vehicles are found, all you have to do is locate them with the app/sms.

We developed this article named following the theft of the car of one of our collaborators who received compensation from his insurance in the 5th month from the date of the theft with a surprise big discount far from the argus! yes 19 weeks without a vehicle! VolBloc stops the vehicle with one click on your smartphone and determine its position via Google Maps.

VolBloc allows you to intervene on the vehicle remotely with your smartphone after it has been stolen with just one click!... to stop it and locate it via google Maps

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pression de turbo

Nous sommes spécialisés dans le réglage de la pression de turbo sur tous véhicules dans la limite maximum supportable du moteur suivant la réglementation constructeur.
Aucune transformation du montage et réglage d’origine, seul un accessoire est intégré en série sur la durite de pression du Wastegate Turbo.


Economiseur Multi-Carburants

TurboFullPower Eco3000 is simple to install on a diesel, gasoline, ethanol engine or on an oil-fired boiler. Eco3000 reduces your consumption by 7% to 15% while reducing your CO2 and pollution emissions. Eco3000 is a magnetic element to be installed in a few minutes on the supply hose, on vehicles or diesel boilers.

Eco3000 is made with samarium-cobalt magnet grade which is a type of permanent magnets made from an alloy of samarium and cobalt. Samarium-cobalt alloys are among the major classes of materials for permanent magnets


Mieux Que Le décalaminage moteur À L' hydrogène !...
Procédé Technologique Cryo-Cleaner, Avec Un Nettoyeur Haute Pression À Froid

La Cryo-Cleaning est un procédé technologique projetant de la glace sèche non abrasive (Co2 recyclé) à l’aide d’air comprimé.
Ces caractéristiques retirent les polluants sur de multiples surfaces, sans créer de déchets secondaires et jusqu’à 4 fois plus rapidement qu’un nettoyage classique. Une intervention de nettoyage a la glace carbonique de multi support.


Vol de Gasoil

Diesel Anti-Theft

The possibility of being alerted by Smartphone of the theft of Diesel fuel in the tanks of one of your vehicles or a storage tank. This product has been specifically adapted to vehicles and can detect almost all types of theft attempts, Diesel, batteries, goods whatever their type and characteristics. When triggered, you receive an SMS informing you of the break-in, an audible alert is triggered at the place of the break-in.


Standard Equipment:

Eco Multi-Carburants

TurboFullPower Eco3000 is simple to install on a diesel, gasoline, ethanol engine or on an oil-fired boiler.


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