Ice-Cleaner pressure cleaning machine, dry ice cleaner for engine, bodywork, furniture,....


Machine Ice-Cleaning Le nettoyeur haute pression à froid

Ice-Cleaner pressure cleaning machine, dry ice cleaner for engine, bodywork, furniture,.... 110V/220V. This dry ice cleaning machine is capable of cleaning various equipment. With this cleaning technique, without disassembly and damage to the equipment can be reduced, which basically protects the equipment and increases the productivity.

Characteristics Ice -Cleaning

1.A good helper for auto technician, it can completely clean carbon deposits in and on all parts (such as exhaust valves, intake valves, engine component, cylinder combustion chamber, wheel hub, etc.) of the car without disassembling the parts. This effectively reduces cleaning time and greatly improves efficiency.
2.Avoid harming personnel from hazardous materials by cleaning with dry ice instead of toxic chemicals, we can prevent harmful substances from adhering to the equipment for a long time, which may affect the operation overall and cause harm to people.
3.Remove a variety of stubborn dirty deposits quickly with the dry ice blast cleaning machine, the sticky dirty deposit can be completely removed, and also provide good protection for the equipment, to avoid affecting the operation and use of equipment during cleaning.
4.Wide range of applications Ice-Cleaner dry ice cleaners are widely used in fields such as rubber, casting, automobiles, ships, electric power, chemicals, printing, plastics , food, pharmaceuticals, and aviation.
5.Ice-Cleaner control panel, dry ice blast cleaner with Intelligent microcomputer which precisely controls the pressure, and can freely adjust the pressure and speed.

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Intervention Ici-Cleaning

Ecological, fast and 100% efficient

Ice Cleaning

Interior cleaning of used vehicles.



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Turbofullpower CRYO CLEANING offers ecological cleaning and stripping solutions with dry ice, suitable for the majority of surfaces in industry, communities, individuals, etc.

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